Leadership Legacy

Leadership Leadership Legacy


Type “Leadership books” into Amazon’s search engine and 85,106 titles emerge, “leadership development” brings 31,804 results-so many thoughts and writings but what is the answer everyone is looking for? 

The reality is that we have all known or known of great leaders, perhaps well known, famous even or perhaps a community or church leader in your life.   How many of us have had the good fortune to have had a great leader in our work place?   How many of us have had the challenge to work with/for a person in a leadership position who struggles with their ability to lead?  Leading others is a privilege and can be a challenge, how can we communicate in a way that is respectful, motivating and clear.  How will you be remembered as a leader? 

We all have clues left by those that have gone before us, the great leaders from the past who have taken the time to leave their legacy, those with whom we have worked or lived who gave us the gift of their knowledge and taught us through action.  The difference between successful people and those less than successful people is a willingness to learn from those that came before us.  There is little reason to reinvent the wheel on every turn when there is so much available for us to learn, and ways to apply that learning to the legacy you will be leaving in your wake.  Take the time to learn about the leaders that came before us, what can you learn from what they have written, what they have documented or what they have said?  We have a treasure chest filled with the knowledge left from others.   Works such as Good to Great by Jim Collins, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, and The Leadership Challenge by James Kouzes and Barry Posner to name just a few are treasures filled with knowledge of those who came before us-what worked in their leadership challenges, what helped them go from good to great, what methods were applied to create success, fortune and legacy?   There are countless authors such as John Maxwell, Jack Welch, Ken Blanchard, Malcolm Gladwell, and John Wooden who give us writings about leadership skills, methods and challenges. 

Part of being a responsible leader is making a commitment to continual learning and growth, what can you make a commitment to learn today and begin to apply to your leadership legacy?


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