We work with mid to senior level executives who want to maximize their impact, lead with greater confidence and strengthen their interactions with others.   Let us help you to maximize your potential by defining goals, implementing changes and focusing on the results that you desire.  We help you to:


John F. Kennedy

Be the leader you want to be

  • Increase confidence and effectiveness
  • Maximize productivity
  • Strengthen your team
  • Fine tune communication skills-speak so people will listen and listen so people with speak
  • Uncover areas of strengths to emphasize and challenges to minimize
  • Bring your people skills in alignment with your business skills
  • Balance the expectations of work and life

We use our R.E.S.U.L.T.S. System to target in on your unique needs for coaching, addressing your challenges and encompassing your strengths:

  • Review your reasons for seeking coaching: we will explore your goals and identify the areas that you would like to target-leadership, executive presence, teambuilding, confidence, productivity-whatever the need, we will adopt a plan to meet your specific goals
  • Evaluate: We will evaluate the current situation, what is working and what isn’t and use formal assessment tools as needed.  Possible assessment tools include:
    • EQi and EQ 360
    • Benchmark 360
    • Winslow Assessment
    • Strengths Finder
    • Reach 360
    • Leadership Practices Inventory
  • Strengths: to maximize your strengths we want to determine what is working and how we can apply those strengths to optimal performance
  • Understand: what is getting in the way, what are the roadblocks and challenges to be addressed?
  • Leverage your resources: are you leveraging the resources that you have available, where are the resources found?
  • Target: we bring all the elements together to zero in on your targets and meet your goals
  • Sustainability: we want your goals to work for you, your teams, your company-new behavior, new ideas need time to take root and grow, your coach will help support you and the sustainability of your goals.